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Homemade Weapons debut LP 'Negative Space'

'Negative Space' is the debut LP from Seattle, USA resident Andre Delgado, known to most as Homemade Weapons. A producer with a long history in Drum and Bass, his career hit a powerful stride around 2012 when a stripped back, militant, half speed version of the genre began emerging. Andre was in the leading charge of producers perfecting this new minimal approach. Utilising classic jungle break edits as rapid-fire emphasis tools on top of mood-soaked, half-time, kick drum driven rhythms, the Homemade Weapons style quickly became recognised as one of the most unique and effective approaches to emerge from this experimentation.

Homemade Weapons released his first solo single - 'Kintaro' in 2013 following on from the 'After Dark' EP (with Gremlinz and Collinjah), both for Samurai Music. 2015 and 2016 have been busy years for Homemade Weapons with 2 more EP's for Samurai Music - 'Clarion Call' & 'Sleep Terror' (with Red Army) and the inception of his very own label - Weaponry.

'Negative Space' is the result of a refinement, an individual artist perfecting his craft. Eschewing the 'filler' approach often taken by dance music artists approaching a full length LP, 'Negative Space' is 12 tracks of what Homemade Weapons does best - essential dance-floor constructs for those tuned in to this new strain of Drum and Bass.

Samurai Music will release 'Negative Space' on 02 December 2016 on 3xLP and digital.


01. Hawkeye
02. Spasmolytic
03. Retina (with Red Army)
04. Ironhead
05. Echoes
06. Tidal Track
07. Malice
08. Jawbox (with Gremlinz)
09. Conduit VIP
10. Red Herring
11. Third Rail
12. Killing Moon

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The Untouchables // Samurai Music Podcast #29

Two of the nicest people in the DnB scene, Brussels, Belgium residents and newlyweds The Untouchables join the Samurai Music artist roster with their 'Blackout' EP. 

Samurai Music Relaunch

We have relaunched the main Samurai label, combining Samurai Music & Samurai Red Seal into one.

Auxiliary and Samurai present: Grey Area, Podcast Two

The second edition of the Grey Area Podcast series, with three separate DJ mixes segued together to make one.

Ancestral Voices | Horo Vision Podcast 05

Ancestral Voices follows his acclaimed debut LP 'Night Of Visions' for Samurai Horo with a considered mix of electronica and ambience.

10 tracks pivotal in the history of Horo

As Horo breaks away from the main Samurai Music label to form an entity all of it's own, Presha talks to French webzine 'Input Selector' about 10 pivotal tracks that have helped define Horo, and lead it to where it is today.

SMG Jan/Feb '16 New Music Update

Kicking off 2016 with aplomb, we have an exciting range of back-cat represses and new releases available to pre-order now featuring titles from Altar, Auxiliary, Cylon, Grey Area, Paradox Music, Red Seal, Samurai Music and new label addition 'Weaponry' from Homemade Weapons.

Check out the full list below, and happy shopping!

You can browse our full range of latest releases by hitting this link.

Synth Sense - Samurai Music Podcast 028

Synth Sense join us for our 28th podcast to celebrate the release of their Samurai Music 12" 'Cycle' / 'Ectype'.

Ancestral Voices 'Night Of Visions' Press Report

The debut album from Ancestral Voices, 'Night Of Visons', was released last month to acclaim from both listeners and critics
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