Ancestral Voices - Divination

‘Divination’ is the second LP to come from Liam Blackburn’s Ancestral Voices project. Where his debut LP ‘Night of Visions’, reconstructed his rhythmic approach into a primal framework, ‘Divination’ sheds the beats almost entirely and focuses on soaring drones and Liam’s refined approach to ambience. There is moments of tempered elation (Revelation, Inscriptions, Cleromancy), contrasted with black hole soundtracks (Geomancy, Hieratic) with the overall feel of ‘Divination’ becoming a gently traversing voyage through a revolving mood-scape. With ‘Divination’ following more beat oriented EP’s for Samurai Music and Horo, Liam redefines the sound of Ancestral Voices with every release. ’Divination’ is a glistening example of the singular voice he provides to electronic music.

Divination is out now on 3x crisp white vinyl LP in a spot varnished sleeve and 13 track digital via Horo.

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Track-list (Vinyl & Digital)

01 - Divination
02 - Galdr
03 - Geomancy
04 - Rites
05 - Transcendence
06 - Forn Sldr
07 - Yggia
08 - Futhark
09 - Hieratic
10 - Cleromancy
11 - Alu
12 - Inscriptions
13 - Revelation

All music written and produced by Liam Blackburn
Mastered and cut by Lewis Hopkin at Star Delta
Art by RQ Product 

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