Overlook - Smoke Signals (UVB-76 Music)

UVB-76, the record label from Gremlinz and Ruffhouse, is only concerned with carrying out its vision; supporting artists that it genuinely believes in and pays no mind whatsoever to trends.

Overlook as an artist fits perfectly into UVB76’s ethos. A music maker that has earned himself fans and respect by shaping his craft with a series of well -considered releases, not shouting for the rooftops but instead letting the music do the talking, something very novel in the age of social media led insecurity.

For UVB76 to release Overlook’s debut LP felt like a natural step for both parties. The foundation of the project may well be drum n bass but the building itself is so much more than that, equal parts dance music and soundtrack influence.

The album is a statement of intent for Overlook, only three collaborations are featured across the album and it’s truly the sound of the young artist being comfortable in the specific niche he has created and blossoming into one of electronic music’s most promising talents.

UVB76-LP001 - Overlook - Smoke Signals is released on 07.04.2017 on 3xLP & 13 Track Digital.

Track-list (Vinyl & Digital)

a1. unknown transmission
a2. river's edge

a3. blue rose
b1. out of the unknown
b2. who is this who is coming
c1. apparition ft. ruffhouse & gremlinz
c2. the dream unfolds
d1. nowhere else to go
d2. travelling without moving
e1. into the night ft. cern
e2. shadowplay

f1. rogue soul ft. mono
f2. smoke signals
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