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Pact Infernal's debut release 'The Descent [Chapter I] arrived in early 2015 on Samurai Horo. A slow flock of unexpected, but very welcomed, fans from outside of the labels normal market began to build. One of the more exciting admirers of the Pact Infernal EP was Berlin based Lucy who offered to rework 'Chapter I' into his own stylistic interpretations. The resultant 2 remixes incorporate elements from all 4 tracks on the first EP into 2 long pulsing, hypnotic grooves. If subtlety was the main instrument of the originals, Lucy's versions refine that instrument into a new form and sprinkle carefully plucked references delicately around his sinuous rhythms. Over 25 minutes of delightful audio hypnosis from one of the electronic worlds favourite individual voices. DJ support already in from Cio D'Or, Svreca, Neel, Oscar Mulero, Paula Temple, Etapp Kyle, Cosmin TRG, Acronym, Ctrls, Francois X, Developer, SNTS, Lakker, Marco Zenker, Donor, Slam and more.

- Vinyl comes as full artwork sleeve on reverse board. 
- 180G Black Vinyl pressed at Optimal.
- A4 Artwork Insert (SMG Store Exclusive).
- Free WAV's via emailed download link

- Free Samurai Horo & SMG 2015 sticker (SMG Store Exclusive).
  • Pact Infernal 'The Descent' Chapter I (Lucy Remixes) (Downloads)
    Pact Infernal 'The Descent' Chapter I (Lucy Remixes) (Downloads) from €1.99

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