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Samurai Music Decade

A decade is a lengthy period of time in electronic music. There are many technological and stylistic changes that occur in a decade, perhaps none more than the last decade. We have seen digital music and the influence of the internet / social media totally transform the way we all release and consume music. Samurai Music was born at the beginning of the digital music boom, and reaches it’s decade continuing to fulfil it’s goal of staying at the forefront of these developments, releasing divergent strains of Drum and Bass and variations on the 170 / 85 BPM template.

We remain committed to desirable physical products and have maintained this through periods where our contemporaries all but abandoned their attention to vinyl production. We split Samurai Music into several offshoots over time, but now we have reached a desirable point where the Samurai name has become synonymous with adventurous curation, and we no longer need divisions for ‘sounds’.

                                   Samurai Music Decade: Segment 1          Samurai Music Decade: Segment 2        Samurai Music Decade: Segment 3

  A musical assessment of our catalogue can really only be made by listeners, so in keeping with our approach to releasing music we wanted to make this celebration a collection of entirely new music from artists important to the label. ‘Decade’ attempts to bridge the gap of all the stylistic approaches utilised most effectively on our back catalogue while threading them into a 2017 vibe. From Samurai Music’s biggest artist success story - Tokyo Prose, through to label family regular ASC, current top tier affiliate Homemade Weapons, new face Torn, legendary historical artists Nucleus & Paradox, and of course our dear departed friend Marcus Intalex, Decade represents Samurai Music in 2017 and into the future. Phase 2 follows in early 2018.
Samurai Music releases Decade (Phase 1) on 15.12.2017 on 3x12” and digital
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  To celebrate the release of Samurai Music Decade we have our first guest T Shirt / design - 'The Decade Warrior' from Karl Dahmer at Dahmer Art.Available on limited Edition T Shirts, Hoodies and Bags.

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Samurai Music Decade Warrior

Samurai Music Decade



01. Marcus Intalex - Halflife
02. Tokyo Prose - Restricted Orbit
03. Nucleus & Paradox - Global Decay
04. Artilect - Ashen
05. Homemade Weapons - Tylos
06. Torn - It Should Be Seen As A Disease
07. The Untouchables - Clairvoyance
08. Last Life - Gas Man
09. ASC - Source Code
10. Ancestral Voices - Izula
11. Sam KDC - Canon Law
12. AnD - Flashback 


Segment 1
A1. ASC - Source Code
A2. Ancestral Voices - Izula
B1. Sam KDC - Canon Law
B2. AnD - Flashback

Segment 2
A1. Marcus Intalex - Halflife
A2. Tokyo Prose - Restricted Orbit
B1. Nucleus & Paradox - Global Decay
B2. Artilect - Ashen

Segment 3
A1. Homemade Weapons - Tylos
A2. Torn - It Should Be Seen As A Disease
B1. The Untouchables - Clairvoyance
B2. Last Life - Gas Man

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