Events & Bookings

For Samurai Music, Horo Label nights & SMG artist direct bookings, please send all inquiries via the contact form below.

SMG artists available to book directly for solo sets or part of a Samurai Music or Horo label night as preferred DJ's - Ancestral Voices, Clarity, Presha, Sam KDC

Samurai Music & Horo label nights are available to book globally with the following list of artists preferred (subject to availability and prior approval)

Presha, Tokyo Prose, Clarity, Paradox (Live), Loxy, Ancestral Voices, Skeptical, Ena, Felix K, Sam KDC, Ruffhouse, Pessimist, Theme, SP:MC, MC DRS.

Samurai Music & Horo events and sample line-ups:

▶ Berlin @ OHM for Berlin Atonal (Horo): Presha, Ancestral Voices, Sam KDC, ENA, Felix K
▶ Berlin @ Boiler Room (Horo): Presha, Ancestral Voices, Sam KDC, ENA, Felix K, Lucy
▶ Prague @ Cross Club (Horo): Presha, Ancestral Voices, Theme
▶ London @ Corsica Studios (Horo): Presha, ASC, Ancestral Voices, Sam KDC, Djrum
▶ London @ Corsica Studios (Samurai Music): Presha, Om Unit, Doc Scott, Ancestral Voices, Djrum, Loxy, Clarity, Pessimist
▶ Berlin @ OHM (Samurai Music): Clarity, Presha, Overlook, Theme
▶ London @ Plan B (Samurai Music):  dBridge, Clarity, Loxy b2b Presha, Paradox (live), Indigo, Ruffhouse b2b Overlook, ENA, Sam KDC, Adam Elelmental, Ancestral Voices, SP:MC, MC DRS