Sam KDC (Auxiliary / Horo)

Producing music since 2002 as Sam KDC, British artist Samuel Wood has grown into one of electronic music's most passionate developers of the outer edge. Most of his recorded work operates around 170 / 85 bpm but you would be mistaken to limit his music by tying it to any current sub genre.

Recording primarily for ASC's Auxiliary label and the Samurai labels, Sam has also been an integral part of the Grey Area label and sound, a creative musical pathway that ties a musical bridge between 85 and 128 bpm with crafty polyrhythms. As further evidence of his versatility, his debut LP 'Late Night Innominate' Vol 1 (2015) for Auxiliary was an entirely ambient long player which found favour across the electronic music world for its emotive power.

As a DJ, Sam is a constant favourite of each night he performs with his intense sets always featuring a future glimpse into a cross section of his current work.

With a production work rate that most other artists would struggle with, Sam KDC continues to delight his growing fan base with unique creations.

Sam KDC is available to book through SMG Bookings as a DJ individually or as part of a Samurai Horo or Samurai Music label night as one of our preferred DJ's. Sam KDC is based in Spain. 

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