SMG Store Becomes Void Vinyl

Void Vinyl is the new incarnation of what has been known as the SMG Store at

Why the change?

Initially the website was created as the store for the Samurai group of labels but as we grew to include other labels it has become increasingly obvious that the store has become a lot more than this. We wanted to move into a phase where we became more of a specialist music outlet and not just a label store.

Many have also mis-characterised some of our great partner labels as Samurai subsidiaries when they are all fully fledged independent entities that we are honoured to be working with. We feel the name of the site was a large part of this misleading, so the decision was made that it is best to start afresh and give all these great labels freedom from these mis-conceptions.

We will still have official label stores for all the Samurai labels as well as Auxiliary & Veil, Weaponry, Cylon Recordings, Esoteric, SUNANDBASS Recordings, Grey Area, Altar and we are also welcoming 2 new labels to that we are very happy about - Vanila and Kafta.

The musical selection will not be changing drastically but we will be spreading out a bit more as we define the musical direction a little further. 

We have also made considerable changes to the site to make it more user friendly and we hope these make your shopping experience with us smoother.

We would very much like to thank all our loyal customers for helping us grow and develop into what we have become.


Geoff Wright

Label Stores