Ancestral Voices

Samurai Music Group

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Label: Samurai Music Group

The birth of Ancestral Voices represents a new path for an established and highly respected producer.

Liam Blackburn carved out a singular musical voice as Indigo, and also more recently as half of acclaimed duo Akkord. Inevitably a new approach to creating music has developed into a new identity: seeping with textures, loaded with a taut energy that whispers tales of shamanism and transformative life experiences. 

Stripping back an already unique creative process proved a challenge that has paid off, and Blackburn's evolving sound has no immediate sonic comparison. With distinct resonances of his musical heritage flowing through a more mature filter, there is a mystical atmosphere that resounds through his debut LP as you hear Ancestral Voices emerge triumphantly into the world.

The Ancestral Voices debut LP is an insight into a subconscious journey; fully formed as one accomplished 'Night Of Visions'. 

Ancestral Voices is available to book through SMG Bookings as a DJ individually or as part of a Samurai Horo or Samurai Music label night as one of our preferred DJ's. Ancestral Voices is based in Manchester, UK. 

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