AnD - AnD005


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Cat No: AND005
Format: 12"
Label: AnD

Enigmatic Mancunian duo AnD bring a dynamic and raw take on modern techno. The two maintain strong analogue production ethics and showcase this with the next ep on the AnD label.

“Move Your Body” is big and groovy, pummelling drums pop to the lead synth that leads this party track straight to the floor. “Strobe” has a hardcore tonality with the detuned arp and the lead synth cutting through the distorted kick and sharp snares like a strobe in the darkness.
“On The Fucking Edge” leads us to a ravier moment from AnD, the lead synth is big, bold and ruthless it leaves no prisoners with the stomping groove. “Cyan” opens with sharp metallic stabs and a percussive drive before the playful and roaring arp build to moments of real tension closing a strong and expressive ep from the duo.

- Orange 12" in PVC Sleeve
- Free WAV's via emailed download link

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