ASC - Ideasthesia *REPRESS*


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Cat No: VEIL005RP
Format: 12"
Label: Veil

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*REPRESS NOW SHIPPING IN ALL NEW COLOUR* In 2019, ASC decided it was time to return to the music that he grew up on. With a gentle nudge from Presha, the breakbeats were back in the mix and a slew of mid-90’s-inspired drum & bass ensued. The majority of the heavier break-oriented and edit-ladened tunes were set aside for projects with Samurai, however, there was a grip of tracks that were more at home with the older atmospheric/intelligent styles of drum & bass from the mid 90’s. Ideasthesia is the culmination of that work. Four tracks of atmospheric drum & bass in its most unadulterated form. No drum machines at work here, just sped up breakbeats, heavy 808 bass, blissful pads, and ethereal textures. Ideasthesia is a true love letter to a golden age of music which sadly seems long forgotten.

- 140g Marbled 12"
- 3mm Spine Inside Out Board Sleeve with Artwork Sticker
- Free WAV's sent via emailed download link

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