ASC Presents Unknown Path - Weathered Peak


€11.90 (inc. VAT)
€10.00 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: AUXC011
Format: Cassettes
Label: Auxiliary

The first excursion for ASC's Unknown Path project since 2017's Pathfinder, Weathered Peak continues in much the same vein. Tribalistic submerged electronics vaguely reminding of techno, dub techno, all with a grey area time signature to unify the theme. Part 1 starts out with dubbed percussive elements and a sense of urgency, before Part 2 strips back all of that sense and slows it down to a dissolving soundscape of subtle tones and white noise, which bass stabs reinforce the backbone. Part 3 picks it up once again, before switching up tempos to introduce a forlorn cold melody to surround you. On the flip side, Part 4 steps up the murky percussion to another level, while a sense of dread is filtered with distortion. Part 5 serves as a linking tunnel to more percussive bleakness for the tape's finale. Part 6 steps up the urgency once again with its clattering conga hits and scattered bongo patterns, before it all comes to an end with messages seemingly trying to burst through the ether of white noise.

To top it all off, 4 remixes are also available as a digital bonus.

- Limited Edition Transparent Purple Pro Duped Cassette
- Printed J card and On Body Printing
- Edition of 60
- Free WAV's sent via emailed download link

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