ASC - Trans Neptunian Objects (CD)


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Cat No: AUXCD011
Format: CD
Label: Auxiliary

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*Limited 2018 re print*

This is the first ambient release from ASC on Auxiliary, since 2011's collaborative album with Sam KDC - Decayed Society. As with the majority of ASC's recent work, this release continues the theme of his fascination with space. The term 'Trans-Neptunian Objects' refers to dwarf planets and asteroids that lay beyond Neptune, and are usually found in the Kuiper Belt. With that being said, you can fathom a guess that this album is seriously deep space ambient, and you wouldn't be wrong. A total of eight tracks spanning 73, which take you to the deepest regions of our solar system.

- Deluxe Digipack CDr in shrink-wrap.
- Free Auxiliary sticker.
- Free WAV's via emailed download link instantly.

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