AWB - Celestial Longitude EP (Vinyl)

Taapion Records

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Cat No: TPN005
Format: 12"
Label: Taapion Records


AWB - Celestial Longitude EP 12" | TPN005 | Taapion

It's time for the third owner of Taapion records to make it on the spaceship. For the fifth release but mainly his first EP, AWB presents two original tracks both remixed by young producers well known on the label... First come Celestial Longitude or the first days of a star. The track starts with breaked drums, simples Hi hats lines, textured background. Then the pads come slowly, they bring small lights and makes the atmosphere innocent till the main pad theme arrives like the birth of a sun and lead to the second part with percussive rides, organic element meaning a kind of ife around the star. For the second original track standing on A2 called Ecliptic AWB made it more like a tool meaning the rotation of a celestial body orbiting a star with more background effects. Drums are more on top of the mix, a bit stretched and saturated for some of them making a stressful atmosphere like cold nights on this high-strung planet. But day-lights comes with the pad arriving twice during track until it stops and obscurity strikes again. Remixes are standing on side B, with the first one made by Taapion records' shadow PVNV. He strongly reworked pads of Celestial Longitude, making melody with it, leading to a track with a lot emotion, dynamic drums and those little elements that made the track unmistakable from his own sound. Antigone made a collaboration with Shlomo remixing Ecliptic and closing the Ep with a powerful drum construction and rhythm elements. The track keeps the tension from the beginning to the end, few breaks, not so far from the original atmosphere, their collaborative work on this remix is truly effective.

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