Crossing Avenue - Avantieri EP

Spazio Disponibile

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Cat No: SPAZIO012
Format: 12"
Label: Spazio Disponibile

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A year after their debut on the label, Crossing Avenue return with five more sublime techno tracks on Spazio Disponibile. That first EP remains the only outing for the pair of Andrea La Bombarda and Andrea Montrone, and this new one is another experimental trip into mind melting grooves. Opener 'Laguna' is a loopy, liquid track of fluttering drums and rubbery kicks that never lets up. 'Ortica' is more gloopy and wonky, with firmer kicks and aqueous sounds dripping off the groove, while 'Lyra' is beautifully delicate and intricate, with underwater life forms drifting by as gentle xylophones sounds dance around. The masterful minimalism continues on the dark, undulating and alien 'Vilipendio,' and things round out with the paranoid voices and panning synths of 'Mekong', an unsettling track that has you looking over your shoulder.

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