Denise Rabe - The Fox & The Raven


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Cat No: RABE001
Format: 12"
Label: Rabe

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"I'm not at all sorry, now that he's dead,
He took my cheese and ate it in my stead,
He's punished by fate - God, you've avenged me."
- Aesop

"The Fox And The Raven" is the maiden release for Denise Rabe's self titled label, conceived to be the channel thru which her personal, unfiltered, haunting sound will find it's body and voice.

Exemplifying this with the 3 cuts on "The Fox And The Raven": driven, hypnotic, techno with a chasing sense of urgency, balanced with eeire lamenting melodies, perfectly fitting the tales of lore chosen to illustrate each release like a volume in an odyssey.

Concluding this chapter, a limited pressing of 300 reproductions serigraphed, embossed and scented, echoing how like fables, music, occupies a tangible moment in the listeners life and space.

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