Edit Select - Aftereffekts (Vinyl)

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Format: 12"
Label: Edit Select Records

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Edit Select - Aftereffekts 12" | Edit Select Records

Glaswegian Techno stalwart ''Edit Select'' presents the thirtieth effort in his Edit Select Records series. ''Aftereffekts'' is a 4 track release that opens with the thumping ''The Visitor", this track combines puzzling percussive movements with otherwordly pads which subtly build to a hypnotic climax.

'Fallen' is a broad sounding cut with an almost orchestral touch to it. The uncanny drum patterns and repetative FX make for a solid voyage. Aftereffect is a percussion laden cut with soul touching strings that float throughout. 'You' is a melancholic piece of art that incorporates heavenly pads with beautifully orchestrated rhodes sounds and a hypnotic drumtrack.

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