ENA 'Meteor' EP (Downloads)

Samurai Red Seal

€4.99 (inc. VAT)
€4.19 (exc. VAT)
Format: Downloads
Label: Samurai Red Seal


Tokyo's ENA returns to Samurai for the first combined release by the same artist releasing on 2 Samurai labels on the same day.

The 'Meteor' EP see's ENA continue to stretch out his singular approach to mutating genre forms. Awkward beat structures fold around his menacing ambience. The elements on the 'Meteor' EP appear to talk to each other in their own language as they unfold their puzzling story. 'Insective' is like a gnawing sonic peck, while 'Bulkhead' screams at you from beyond a shield of distortion.

* Download contains 2 bonus digital tracks 'Froth' & 'Fugacious'

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