Grebenstein - Strong, Proud, Stupid & Superior


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Cat No: LINO74
Format: 12"
Label: Downwards

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Among Downwards’ most recent wave of new flesh, Grebenstein emerged as one of the legendary label’s most sullen mutants on a crushing, eponymous debut in 2014, and now again with this highly stylish, unrepentant brace of drum ’n synth noise pressure. This one’s a total killer, especially recommended if you’re into HTRK, Raime or Fever Ray.

Depending what angle you survey it from, Strong Proud Stupid and Superior is either industrial techno trained by drill kids, neofolk drone, or the sound of machines coming to kill their human oppressors.

On the A-side Grebenstein harnesses the hollow-eyed, starkly detached vocals of Seefried in a signature, slow demonstration of detached Cold Wave, with a narrative arc that encompasses intimate confession and paranoid internal impulses sounding something like like a petrified version of HTRK via Andrea Parker’s classic Ballbreaker material.

The other two parts feature Joscha Bauer and are texturally more rich and aestehtically subdued, starting with the swelling drone discord of Grauer03; sounding like Cut Hands slowed down by 1000%, before inverting the aesthetic to a far more impending sort of stygian doom with the squashed bombast trudge of Grauer04.

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