Grey Branches ‎– Neuroclaps LP

Inner Surface Music

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Format: 2x12"
Label: Inner Surface Music

Inner Surface Music are very proud to present the first album on the label from Grey Branches (Yves De Mey). Neuroclaps LP is a journey into the immersive world of Grey branches, bringing together sounds and influences from techno, jungle, dub, experimental and ambient music.

´Arches´ opens with bass oscillations that swell and build into slow rhythmic patterns with machine grooves, teasing us for what lies ahead. ´Acrylic Hunger´ has stepping drums playing around swung basslines and modular synthesis layering into a pulsating dance floor pressure. ´Bevel´ builds around cavernous textures, laser like drums and analogue riffs. Killer sound design bringing elements of dub and techno together in its own form. ´Rushed Corrosion´ is built for dirty basement clubs, raw synth oscillations weave together creating a wave of tension with the driving power of techno with jungle ideology. ´Automatic Gallows´ slows down the tempo and enters the experimental realms, a slow undulating drum palette meets cosmic spaced out pads before collapsing into a black hole. ´Split Limb´ hits the floor hard with a wall of cold distorted bass, experimental kick drums and rugged rhythms. Syncopated experimental music by nature that remains direct and powerful for the dance floor. ´Rammed´ playful melodic sequences and atmospheric landscapes melt in harmony around broken kick drums and stripped percussion, pulling the listener closer to mesmerise you further. ´Unpaced´ is a short but intense piece of techno experimentation, sharp and delicate rhythms unfold around ethereal layers of noise and textures. ´Neuroclaps´ the title track is a perfect example of the Grey Branches sound. Hard in dynamics, while remaining funky and driving for the dance floor. The sound of early electronica with a unique feel of its own. ´Synthesis Swindle´ closes with deep otherworldly layers of bass, choral pads and sonic artefacts submerging the listener into a state of enchantment.

- Black Vinyl 2x12"
- Reverse board sleeve
- Artwork insert
- Free WAV's via emailed download link instantly

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