Headless Horseman - 47014


€7.95 €12.60 €6.68 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: 47014
Format: 12"
Label: 47


Headless Horseman returns to 47 for the label’s first release of 2018, 47014. The new solo EP will drop as 12” vinyl and digital download via Tommy Four Seven’s imprint on February 23rd.

The four-tracker features dense techno with individual moods. “Revelation” is a downbeat lurching machine-giant with repeat climaxes. “Concussion” is broken and feverish, with sculpted layers of pressure. The momentum of “Locust” drives on the edge of an untravelled path and cannot rest. The final track “Gravity” is subtle and snarling, with a slowly ascending melody, scraping against future and past.

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