Irazu - Shtamm incl. Regis Remix


€7.95 €12.50 €6.68 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: ST172
Format: 12"
Label: Stale

After multiple cassette and 12'' releases through Kastil's STALE in 2016, it's time for Irazu's lasest addition to the series of complex techno works. Shtamm is a package that contains four original cuts + a remix by specialist of high-end machine music ''Regis''. ''Refused To Be Found'' is a soaring travel through moods and sonic landscapes which at times resonates like a helicopter flying through an inner city estate building. The aesthetic nature of the opening track is extended through ''Shtamm''. A multi dimensional piece of work that showcases a more submersive side of Irazu's broad pallette. 'Last Hours'' is a cinematic stroke of vivid pads that sound like they were extracted from a remastered Russian thriller classic. Regis opens ups the B-side with a rework of ''Shtamm''. The off-beat machine funk of the remix leaves little of the original mix intact, yet Regis has turned it into a staggering piece of ferocity. ''Torso'' is another Irazu original that sound like 7.5 minutes of vigorous rhythms and swerving perc elements.

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