Ourea - Ourea I (Downloads)


€4.63 (inc. 16% VAT)
€3.99 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: HOROEX11
Format: Downloads
Label: Horo

Ushering in the next series of 10 releases on Horo and an all new look is the introduction of a new Horo artist signing - Lemna, collaborating with an artist who has become integral to the Horo sound - Sam KDC. Together Lemna and Sam KDC are Ourea, and Ourea I is an amalgamation of their two very singular approaches to electronic music. Polyrhythmic experimental techno with tribal rhythms that often operate at two different tempo’s at the same time, Ourea I is deceptive in it’s percussive shapeshifting, but strongly effective in the hands of the right DJ.

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