Phase Fatale - Redeemer (Extended Mixes)

Hospital Productions

€7.75 €12.50 €6.68 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: HOS578
Format: 12"
Label: Hospital Productions

The extended mixes single of Phase Fatale’s debut full-length album on Hospital Productions takes three of the most dancefloor-ready songs from Redeemer into abstracted, surreal and uncharted territory aimed for unlit, claustrophobic chambers. Aided by Silent Servant with additional production, together Hayden Payne and Juan Mendez transform “Order Of Severity,” “Operate Within,” and “Spoken Ashes” further down the machine. With more percussion and editing, they tear apart and lengthen the tracks through temporal space. The Redeemer (Extended Mixes) 12” will be released simultaneously alongside the full-length album, adding yet another dimension into Payne’s own universe of the degenerated present.

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