Quartz - Snakes EP

Samurai Music

€8.33 €12.00 €7.00 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: SMDE17
Format: 12"
Label: Samurai Music

Elliot Garvey aka Quartz joins Samurai Music with 4 tracks of menacing weight for his debut EP on the label. With previous releases for labels like Metalheadz, DSCI4, and Invisible, Quartz’ powerful mix-downs and his knack for technical tunes that retain the vibe factor has him high on everyone’s radar. Into the Mist was the first tune signed for the Snakes EP, a tune that encapsulates the existing Quartz dark / light style with nods to legacy Drum and Bass perfectly. Snakes and Cluster Bomb are possibly Elliot’s 2 darkest tunes to date, focused, creeping sinistism with hulking constructions. Figure It Out lurks low, still retaining his perfectly focused build strength, but with a subtler approach and a pulsing bounce that burns through in the mix. Already garnering DJ support from the likes of Goldie, Flight, Loxy, Mako, Mantra, Double O and more, the Snakes EP looks set to be a new pinnacle for Quartz productions.

- Marbled Vinyl 12"in 3mm spine sleeve with paper inner
- Artwork sticker on sleeve
- SMG Exclusives - extra artwork sticker and Samurai Music sticker
- Free WAV's via emailed download link

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