Selección Natural - Selección Natural


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Format: 2x12"
Label: PoleGroup

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50 is a nice number of releases to be celebrated in style, that's why we have cooked up a very special menu for this milestone. As the spirit of the Pole Group team we have combined everyone's character on this record. All tracks have been made in common, each of the label foundational members have worked on their own sound parts that in a second process have been assigned randomly to others to work on them, in a creation loop that somehow represented the true essence of the label. You'll never now who is making what, it's just Oscar Mulero, Exium and Reeko in essence and mixed up.

You'll find no ambient interludes, no anthems, no big breakdowns, every piece in this creation has been designed for the finest dancefloors, rough textures mixed with solid beats and continuous synth lines, techno in its essence made by those who never left the boat in ruff times, pioneers making the soundtrack of the future.

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