Seleccion Natural - Seleccion Natural EP


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Cat No: POLEGROUP050.2
Format: 12"
Label: PoleGroup

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Here you have the third installment of our Pole Group 50 milestone release, closing the trilogy in both Vinyl and digital formats. All tracks have been made in common, each of the label foundational members have work sound parts that in a second process have been assigned randomly to others to work with them, in a creation loop that becomes somehow the true essence of the label. You'll never know who is making what, it's just Oscar Mulero, Exium and Reeko in essence and mixed up.

The track-list features four cuts, starting with the broken beated 'Necton', followed by 'Prokariotic', obscure, grey and heavy textured. On the B-side, 'Replican Isolation' offers complex rhythms, non linear kicks, and diverse percussive workout spiced with white noise drones. Final cut is 'Transmutation', made of continuous synth lines, EBM flavoured drones and ambiances and a fat groove to rely on.

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