Unknown Path - Pathfinder


€7.95 €13.14 €6.68 (exc. VAT)
Cat No: AUX019
Format: 12"
Label: Auxiliary

Listening to Unknown Path's Pathfinder for the first time is a claustrophobic experience. It's as if the tracks had been recorded to tape and left to decompose for 10 or so years, then dug up and re-recorded. A thick layer of grunge and an overall murky feel sets the tone for Path 0.1 and continues throughout the EP. Paths 0.2 and 0.3 add a more upbeat feel to proceedings, as the beats get scattered around like they were in a pinball machine. Path 0.4 finishes off the experience by bringing the tempo back down, while all the time keeping the uneasy atmospherics that make this EP a unique and rewarding listen.

- Blue marbled vinyl, 140g 12".
- 3mm spine Kraft board sleeve with black paper inner.
- Free WAV's instantly
- Extra artwork sticker

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