Various - Samurai Music Decade (Phase 2) Bundle

Samurai Music

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Format: 3x12" & 1x10"
Label: Samurai Music

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- All 4 Decade Phase 2 vinyl releases together
- Limited Edition coloured vinyl and black vinyl bundles are 3x12" + 1x10" (all 140g)
- Limited Edition test press bundle is 4x12"
- Bundle contains the following;

• Free WAV of Lemna - Rahu instantly via emailed download link
• Full LP WAV's sent via emailed download link on or before digital release day (29.08.2018)
• Free Samurai Music sticker

• Decade Part 4

A1. Ancestral Voices - Hypersigil
A2. ASC - Area Check
B1. Lemna - Rahu
B2. Sam KDC - Locus

• Decade Part 5

A1. The Untouchables - Zaku
A2. Shiken Hanzo - Khans of Takir
B1. Last Life - The Worst Awakening
B2. Es.tereo - LV462

• Decade Part 6

A. Calibre - Snoopers Dub
B. Antagonist - Below

• Decade Part 7

A1. Homemade Weapons & Torn - Spectre
A2. Artilect - System Of Fear
B1. Torn - Unjustified Expectations
B2. Homemade Weapons & Last Life - Lahar

* Record image is a digital mock up based on our order with the pressing plant. We do not guarantee the record will look identical to these pictures as splatter / marbling vinyl is not an exact science and every individual record will be unique.

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